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Sfermion is an investment firm focused on the immersive internet -- also known as the metaverse.

Our mission is to accelerate the emergence of the metaverse by investing in the companies and founders that are creating our digital future.

What is the immersive internet?

A sensorial network, enabled by both hardware & software, that augments and enhances our lives through a more tangible and ever-present internet.

Sfermion invests across the entire metaverse stack.

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Early-stage Venture Investments
Token Investments
Direct Non-Fungible Token Investments

Our Investment Vehicles

Fund 1
Direct NFT Investments
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Fund 2
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Metaverse Infrastructure

Domain Expertise

We are pioneers in the metaverse and thought leaders in its thriving community. By leveraging our vast domain expertise, we aim to capitalize on the influx of innovation and resources being put into our digital future.

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We achieve maximum founder alignment with our ability to deeply understand different asset classes. Our multi-strategy approach enables us to identify key value drivers, strategies, and operations.

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Capital Introductions

Our LPs mainly consist of institutional investors who seek deeper exposure to the emergent metaverse .  We also collaborate on deals with many leading venture firms.

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Value Add

We provide an institutional-quality operational framework to assist daily operations and strengthen infrastructure within our network. We also add value to our portfolio by being active participants in virtual environments.

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We believe our highly specialized strategy and deep understanding of the metaverse ecosystem provides a unique opportunity for high uncorrelated returns for investors.

Meet the team

Photo of Andrew SteinwoldPhoto of Andrew Steinwold
Andrew Steinwold
Managing Partner
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Photo of Dan Patterson Photo of Dan Patterson
Dan Patterson
General Partner
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Photo of Joanna Da Lu Photo of Joanna Da Lu
Joanna Da Lu
COO, Partner
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