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Sfermion is a multi-strategy investment firm focused on the immersive internet

Our mission is to accelerate the emergence of the metaverse by investing in the companies and founders that are creating our digital future.

What We Do

We invest in intelligent, interactive, immersive technologies built for consumers and enterprises.

Some of Our Beliefs...

◦ Forever Friends & Digital Twins: Individuals across the globe will have their own AI companions – whether it is a coach, friend, therapist, or more. Every human, animal, and object on earth will have a digital twin. Within a decade, virtual beings will outnumber human presence on the internet.

◦ Create Your Dreams: We will be able to generate any form of content we desire - from movies, images, music, to books - all available on demand and tailored to our unique preferences.

◦ Enter the Metaverse: Wearable augmented and virtual reality devices will replace smartphones as the primary computing device and will be used every waking hour in both work and daily life.

◦ Superhero Infrastructure: Blockchain technology will forge financial and operational systems that are more efficient, transparent, and secure, paving the way for a new era of integrity.

◦ The Financialization Revolution: Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will allow all forms of value (both physical and digital) to be easily tradable, opening up new avenues of liquidity in markets.


Meet the team

Photo of Andrew SteinwoldPhoto of Andrew Steinwold
Andrew Steinwold
Managing Partner
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Photo of Dan Patterson Photo of Dan Patterson
Dan Patterson
General Partner
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Photo of Julian ZegelmanPhoto of Julian Zegelman
Julian Zegelman
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