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SFERMION RESEARCH - NFTrade: The Silent Killer of NFT Marketplaces

March 2, 2022

NFTrade: The Silent Killer of NFT Marketplaces



Disclaimer: Sfermion holds an investment in NFTrade.

Note: Click Here to listen to the Zima Red episode with Ori Levi (Founder @NFTrade), hosted by Andrew Steinwold (Managing Partner @Sfermion).


An integral part of the NFT ecosystem is the marketplace. Marketplaces allow for seamless exchanging of assets, listings, swaps, and more. The scope of features provided varies across platforms. LooksRare, a newly launched community-first marketplace, rewards users based on trading fees and trade volume and allows for bidding across entire collections. Rarible, a multi-chain marketplace originally on Ethereum, is transitioning into a DAO structure and has zero transaction fees. Nifty Gateway, operated by Gemini, makes it easy to purchase NFTs via fiat on-ramps, and serves as a secure custodial wallet for newcomers in the NFT space.