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WhaleShark - How He Made The Worlds Most Successful Social Token - Zima Red ep 39

December 3, 2020

My guest today is WhaleShark.

This is my second episode with WhaleShark, the first being a Hotseat episode which was where I grilled him with questions about his project.

He passed that episode with flying colors but we never had the chance to sit down and have a regular conversation.

This is that episode. We get to learn about WhaleSharks background, his business interests, thoughts and theses surrounding the NFT ecosystem and of course his social token $WHALE.

What I loved about our conversation is that WhaleShark speaks very directly and honestly about what he did to get to where he is today. He discusses the details, strategies and basically entire playbook on how to go from idea to successful project.

To sum it up, it's a lot of blood, sweat and tears but WhaleShark proves that anyone can make it if they put in work.

Please enjoy my conversation with WhaleShark

Twitter - https://twitter.com/WhaleShark_Pro

Discord - discord.gg/whale